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    We have a prestigious client list, to name a few.



    Architects & Interior Designers.

    Siva.Anbarasan M.Arch (Georgia Tech U.S.A)(England)
    - Reg. No. - CA/87/10769
    Manimekalai Anbarasan (M.Arch)
    - Reg. No. �?CA/95/ 18601
    Going through Trends and Transitions in its gracious way. More than 25 years in Architecture.
    We have the pleasure in introducing our self as one of the dynamic and upcoming, professionally managed by well qualified Architects with wide range of exposure and seasoned to various environments to achieve the best of what we do.
    We are in the Architectural profession since 1989 aligning capabilities to meet emerging trends and have designed various kind of buildings with a functional, strong climatic, aesthetic and client-focused approach and with the constant quest for creativity in designing.
    We have designed a wide range of more than 500 projects, covering commercial buildings, multiplex, retail buildings, group housing , Apartment buildings, Institutions and many Residences and Farm houses and we have designed many huge projects having a built up area up to 15 lac sq.ft. as a single projects.
    Interior designing and landscaping are other fields, which we deal full fledged to make our architectural projects complete.

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    Contact Address:

    1. Anbu & Faizal Architect & Interior Designers.
    2. S3, 2nd Floor, "Amar Sindur",
    3. No.43, Pantheon Road,
    4. Egmore, Chennai - 600008.

    Office Contact Numbers:

    1. 044-28410888 / 28554262

    Connect with Us:

    1. anbu.faizal@gmail.com
    2. anbu.faizal@yahoo.com
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